#WGsnapshot – Fallon and Joseph’s Life-giving Glow of Expectancy! Images by theAMBERstudio.com

Posted on: July 8, 2014


by WedlockGist.com:

WedlockGist celebrates great photographers around the globe that produce unique shots telling the stories of everyday couples through their magical camera lenses.  The ability to capture the love that these families share takes a special gift that we like to showcase in posts filed under #WGsnapshot. If you are a photographer or a couple that would like to refer someone, please contact us to send your unique shots that illustrate your journey to hello@wedlockgist.com or hashtag #WGsnapshot on Instagram.

We are excited to feature the creative work of Amber of The Amber Studio who appropriately describes her work as:

“Authentic – not false or copied; genuine; real. My gift is the ability to capture the greatest gift, your real love through my photographs. Love for your significant other, love for your family, and love for your friends. A fact of life is that over time, memory fades. For me, being a photographer is about preserving those moments we want to always remember. My documentary style aims to capture your wedding day as it naturally unfolds.”

That’s definitely right up our alley! If you are ever in need of her services, feel free to contact her here.

Today’s feature is coined Love, Marriage and a Life-giving Glow of Expectancy! Images by theAMBERstudios.com

There is a special kind of glow that is exhibited on the faces of expectant moms that’s usually attributed to the miracle of life growing inside of them. The AMBER studio flawlessly captured that glow and the beauty of this gorgeous expectant mom Fallon in her flattering purple maternity wear accompanied by the proud dad, Joseph in this delightful maternity shoot.

“There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.” -Pamela S. Nadav





 Thanks to theAMBERstudio.com for capturing the essence of this gorgeous family through her camera.   

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