Wedlock Gist is a platform that examines life beyond the wedding vows and one that makes the nuances of human marital relationships and partnerships more transparent and less mythical.

Wedlock Gist creates a platform where real couples/individuals (married or not) can share insight, ideas, stories, tips, life moments, information in a lighthearted way that will ultimately serve as a resource that opens the curtains on the ‘ups’, ‘downs’ and everything ‘in between’ of relationships around the globe. As our name suggests, getting to the gist (pronounced like ‘jist’) or the essence of what marriage is all about expressed by various couples in their own words. What a concept! :)

How WedlockGist was born

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WedlockGist started out as an idea that led to several conversations among friends and eventually became a project for a strategic plan for the final semester of grad school. This platform was born out of the recognition of the need to hear real couples candidly sharing the commitment and dedication that it takes to not only become someone’s life partner in marriage but also how to stay married. There have obviously been a tremendous number of blogs and websites that cater to and focus on all the details of the wedding event; starting from the super romantic proposal (we all love those!) the wedding gown..all the way down to the blissful honeymoon. If you are like us, we love all things weddings and we can’t get enough of the romantic images splattered across our social media pages on an hour by hour basis!  That said, rarely do we come across platforms that extend the conversation beyond the wedding event and get to the heart of the matter and the reasons why the wedding took place in the first place! :)

WedlockGist was created for this very reason and we’d love to hear from couples with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to share their stories of joy, triumph, commitment, humor, trial, hope and the takeaways that have contributed to the success (or not) of their ‘perfect’ union.

How to Inspire



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WedlockGist is excited to introduce a platform that gives couples a voice to share opinions, advice, love stories, interesting tidbits, inspiration, comments, pictures, videos or anything that adds value or strengthens other readers (aka WedlockGisters..) on the site. Based on the above vision of WedlockGist above, the following Core Values have emerged and will be used to guide decisions, content and the service offerings of this platform.

We can’t wait to hear from you, please feel free to visit our Submissions page for more details on ways to be featured on WG and inspire others with your story today!

Sam Keen put it this way, “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” Preach it!! :)