Are unrealistic expectations destroying marriages today? by Yemi Falayajo

Posted on: July 27, 2014

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by Yemi Falayajo

Hi there!

Over the years we have picked up a few lessons about relationships and marriage along the way which,   by the grace of God, we have the privilege of sharing with you.

Marriage is like a garden. A garden needs planting the right seeds, and cultivating the soil for the seeds to grow into the plants and flowers that we desire. While weeds do not require anyone to plant them, but constant and diligent pulling out; otherwise they grow very fast and choke the plants.

Just like a garden grows plants and flowers, it will grow weeds. Weeds do not need any planting or cultivation, as long as there is soil, water and sunlight, weeds will grow. Weeds can choke the plants and flowers in the garden, and eventually destroy them. Weeds can also drain the soil of nutrients and make the soil unproductive.

Unfortunately, we enter into marriage with the assumption that it will automatically produce results we want because we love each other, and in thinking that we know each other enough, things will just work out. Some of us do not even know what to expect, we just go into it hoping that everything will turn out all right.

We come into marriage with the hope of having something beautiful and lasting; but without knowledge, understanding and wisdom to apply the things we know to ourselves and our partners, something with the potential of being beautiful and fruitful becomes choked up with weeds of disappointment, disillusionment, and strife.

Happy African American Family On Beach

How do we make a beautiful garden of our marriage?  We must first decide what we want our marriage to produce.  What we want our marriage to produce will determine how much time and energy we are willing to invest. But note that there are some plants that take a while to yield fruit, but once it begins to yield fruit, it never stops. There are other plants with quick and easy gains, it will take less time and energy to tend, but the yield and produce will not last. It depends on how much you are willing to invest.

Stick with us and let’s find out together what to plant in this garden of marriage, and make the garden grow to yield long and lasting fruit.


Yemi Falayajo is a guest blogger who has shared their WedlockGist <— on the site and currently resides in Abuja with her family. 

Check out her blog at for more information. 


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