our story


Best friends and married for 17 years and counting, parents of an amazing son and a wonderfully precocious daughter, who believe that every healthy marriage is unique but definitely requires two hearts that not only love unconditionally but that are also committed to each other through the good times and the bad.

Our journey over the years has revealed the level of dedication needed and the ‘ingredients’ necessary to create a unique ‘Happily Ever After‘ experience when it comes to marriage which may slightly differ from what we’ve read in the fairy tales or as seen in the movies, but one that is just as romantic. :)

Please stay tuned for more of our story and that of many inspirational couples and individuals around the globe.


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 Core Values of WedlockGist

*Honesty | Integrity | Humor | Collaboration*

Honesty is the backbone of WedlockGist and will be the basis for every article, forum and post in order to bring authentic experiences to view, so that people are comfortable enough to share these experiences as others are strengthened in the process.

Integrity guarantees that everyone associated with WedlockGist will ensure that people are treated with the utmost respect. And the decision makers will monitor and remove any content that is derogatory in nature or inappropriate.

Humor is the bedrock of WedlockGist, because as it is often said “laughter is the best medicine”; the posts on the site will be jovial, lighthearted and cordial in nature with humor flowing through every click. With humor, serious topics can be discussed without the feeling of intimidation or judgment and as a result drawing people inward as opposed to turning them off.

Collaboration is the key for WedlockGist since couples and individuals will feed off of one another’s shared experiences and points of view, creating a partnership and sense of community throughout this platform.


One of our favorite quotes from Samuel Beckett : Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better

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