Official Launch of WedlockGist – June 13th, 2014 – Yayy!! – Founders’ Journey (with Pics).

Posted on: June 13, 2014

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Official Launch of WedlockGist – June 13th, 2014 – Yayy!!

We would like to share a bit of our story for the official launch of and encourage other Wedlock Gisters to share their special marriage journey as well.  We’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has ‘Liked’ and invited friends to ‘Like’ our site. We appreciate your support and feedback.  “Your marriage…Our applause…Let’s Gist” (coined by @eulerfilms)!!

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Here we go! :)


How did you meet and how long have you been together?

Shola & Olaide – New Jersey, USA

We met in 1996 through my hubby’s cousin who happens to be one of my childhood best friends (still friends till now). We’ve been married for 17 blissful years and counting (church ceremony was in 1999)!


Wedding – Back in the day

What makes your relationship special? What are you willing to share about your relationship that might help other couples in their journey? 

Hmmm..good question.  What makes our relationship special is not only the great qualities that we both share but also being able to fiercely support each other through the thick and thin of life’s circumstances. We know without a doubt that we both have each other’s backs no matter what comes against us.  Being together for almost two decades and through numerous phases in life, we know for sure that we are on the same team and have learned not to compete with or work against each other (which is priceless!!) regardless of our faults.  Knowing that fact, allows us to always celebrate each other’s successes and dreams/goals. This helps us to be better parents to our cool and precious son and awesomely precocious daughter.


What has pleasantly surprised you about marriage (your relationship)? What caught you off guard about marriage (your relationship)?

As most married couples know, the first year or two of marriage comes with a whole new set of teachable moments for the bride and groom.  What surprised us the most is that the initial ‘adjustment period’ (to put it mildly :)) which all couples must inevitably go through; was only a temporary phase in our union.  As the years and experiences progressed, things that were a big deal at the time have become a source of humorous memories and stories that have ironically cemented our relationship as we continue to establish our history as a couple.


If you knew what you know now about marriage (your relationship), what piece of advice would you have given yourself before you took the plunge?

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” – Sam Keen

Were there any differences that you both had to adjust to in your relationship (e.g. cultural, religious, background etc.)?

We are both from the same cultural and religious backgrounds (Christian and Nigerian/Yoruba) which made it easier for us in that aspect. However we still had to adjust to personality differences and our decision-making styles had to become merged, so that we could achieve milestones (e.g. first home purchase, kids, schools, investments etc.) more as a unit as opposed to individually.


What keeps you and your spouse together?

Allowing God to guide our steps is HUGE!  We are also best of friends who are still in love and are very fond of each other and enjoy each other’s company which makes staying together a breeze!



in love2


Share interesting aspects of your union (e.g. story, pictures, video etc.) that will make us smile, laugh, think, cry or feel inspired and come up higher in our lives) etc.

special -smile special -smile2

Have a little fun when completing this sentence in your own words: “Marriage is…………..”

Marriage is a game of life where both team members get to share the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title.  😉

Out of the following categories, which one do you most closely identify with? :Newlyweds, The Journey, Empty Nesters

The Journey



Thanks again everyone for all of your support on the official launch of WedlockGist.

A platform where real couples/individuals (married or not) can share insight, ideas, stories, tips, life moments, information in a lighthearted way that will ultimately serve as a resource that opens the curtains on the ‘ups’, ‘downs’ and everything ‘in between’ of relationships around the globe. As our name suggests, we are about getting to the gist (pronounced like ‘jist’) or the essence of what marriage is all about expressed by various couples in their own words.

Shout out to Euler Films @eulerfilms for these creative shots. Stay tuned for all the wonderful families that have sent in their stories and pictures in the coming weeks and click here if you will like to be featured.

The winners of the giveaway prizes will be announced on Friday, July 18th, 2014.



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  • travel_the_world

    So beautiful! I truly enjoyed reading your story. You have a beautiful and blessed family!

    • admin

      Thanks! We appreciate your kind words..

    • wedlockgist

      Thanks a lot! We appreciate your kind words!!

  • ronke

    Lovely and beautiful pics

    • wedlockgist

      Thank you!!

  • Yvonne

    Beautiful strory, beautiful family. May your testimony be permanent. Congratulations on the launch.

    • wedlockgist

      Amen!! Thank you so much..

  • 2RB

    What perfection – a beautiful family of 4. The content is rich and full of depth too. Congratulations – may the banner over your marriage, home and lives, filter through to touch the lives, homes and marriages of all that visit this site. Keep flying the flag of the GOOD FAVOR in marriage (Proverbs 18:22). Enough of the bile and negativity we so often hear.

    • admin

      Amen! Thanks @2RB for encouraging words and prayers. You are absolutely right about having “enough of the negativity and bile”! Thanks for your support.

    • wedlockgist

      Amen! Thanks for your kind words and you are right “enough of the bile and negativity”. Thank you for your support and come back soon!