Watch a powerful clip of Bishop TD Jakes talking about his new book “INSTINCT”.

Posted on: July 6, 2014

by WedlockGist:

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am halfway through one of the books on our giveaway list (winners will be announced on July 18, 2014),  “INSTINCT – The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive” by Bishop TD Jakes.  This book is powerful and I can barely put it down!

The book is filled with so many life changing insights that is a must-read for everyone who feels a yearning to do more in their lives.

Here are some of the quotes from INSTINCT by Bishop TD Jakes:

“Trailblazing people move by instinct, because there is nothing outward that suggests that what they see inwardly is possible”

“When you’re living by instinct, then you will naturally enhance everything and everyone around you”

“Instincts can help connect the dots between where you’re trying to go and how you will get there”.

“When you don’t become fixated on winning the prize or appearing successful, and instead pursue your passions, then you will discover the fulfillment that comes from living by instinct.”

“Contentment comes when you find the people, places, and events in life you were created to impact.”

Watch Bishop TD Jakes share this powerful message at Pastor Joel Osteen’s church at Lakewood!!

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