Happily Single – Watch the hilarious IISuperwomanII video that pokes fun at married folks!

Posted on: May 20, 2014


by WedlockGist:


Hey WGisters!

Even though WedlockGist  generally focuses around the subject of marriage and couples on their way to the altar, we cannot forget our Happily Single readers.  Many of whom couldn’t be any more satisfied with their lives as they enjoy their freedom and journey through personal development.  Of course that reality does not stop most parents from seizing every opportunity to express to their unmarried sons, especially daughters and in some cases random family members, reasons why they need to get married ASAP.

Obviously, parents are not the only ones guilty of offering unsolicited ‘advice’ (aka pressure) to unsuspecting bachelors and/or bachelorettes.  Oh no.. this act of random ‘kindness’ is a gift that keeps on giving from aunties, uncles, neighbors, other married friends, co-workers, strangers, long lost relatives and the list goes on.

Okay, let’s stop the madness, already!  Even though marriage is a beautiful thing (i.e. healthy ones) and one of the most sacred contracts that one will ever share with another person; it is also a mistake to think that marriage is the end goal of every single person’s existence.

Happily single

One message that our ‘happily single’ friends have consistently conveyed to their endless stream of advisors/sympathizers/consolers on the subject of their marital status, is summed up by the words of Omkar Phatakc, “Being single is getting over the illusion that there is somebody out there to complete you and taking charge of your own life”!

The truth is, marriage should happen between the right set of people, for the right reasons and only when the time is right. What do you enjoy most about being single?

Watch this hilarious YouTube video by IISuperWomanII that drives home that point and the joke is on us married folk! 😀



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  • Cinque Pace

    This is hysterical. Thank you for representing us singles.

    • wedlockgist

      Lol! Isn’t it? Thanks for your comments!!