Dissecting the Fairy Tale…Happily Ever After – The Sequel :)

Posted on: August 12, 2014


Happily Ever After?

by WedlockGist.com:

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Okay, let’s go ahead and break it down today. Lol.

As the title suggests, we want to open the curtains  and examine what happens after “The End” of our favorite age-old fairy tales.

There IS something very magical and fascinating about weddings and the idea of falling love and the process that leads up to finding one’s life partner.  Beautiful and inspiring love stories have been shared and experienced by couples all around the world. As a society it is to the point where we have been inundated with images, stories and films of what relationships and marriages are supposed to look like. Various romantic tales of a princess who meets her prince charming and gets whisked away to her ‘happily ever after’, have been spun over decades, if not centuries which tend to shape the perception of society as it relates to marital relationships in societies all around the world.

Most girls (and boys for that matter) enter into their teenage years with preconceived ideas of what the definition of a ‘perfect’ relationship should look like through the often erroneous subliminal messages packaged for us through the media, novels or even through word of mouth.  As a result, these ideas are gradually submerged into our subconscious minds even as adults and slowly begin to seep into our belief systems of what a perfect mate should be.

Although, many couples have already figured out that as well-crafted as these story lines may be, they tend to leave a lot to be desired and often omit many of the imperfections that co-exist alongside the romance and bliss of relationships and partnerships that is without a doubt, part of the reality of a healthy marriage.   Image Credit: Youtube.com

Michael Jascz wisely points out that “the movies themselves always show the couple on their good days. The falling in love part. The laughs, the sentimental moments, and the passionate love scenes. Any negativity is just a precursor to the golden reunion. But as many people have pointed out before me, they leave out the day-to-day realities of a relationship where people lose their temper or get annoyed. The parts that really test the relationship. They don’t show the challenges of being in relationships long-term…and they can’t really; they only have 120 minutes, after all” (www.therelationshipfoundation.org, 2012).

Those stories intentionally or unintentionally omit the main ingredients required for a relationship to work or for a marriage to be successful. Ingredients like commitment, patience, generosity of spirit, humility, laughter, love, forgiveness and an occasional ‘biting of the tongue’ ;).  Many of the fantastical characters that we remember from our childhood, seem to always neglect to inform their viewers of the part in a relationship where as much as the couple might be head over heels in love, they still will differ on various decisions that pertain to important issues in a relationship  like finances, spirituality, raising kids, education, career changes, intimacy and the list goes on.  But who could blame them, if they did; it would obviously taint the picture-perfect image that they have helped to create and ‘sold’ to us on along the years.

What reallymakes up the ingredients to your “Happily Ever After”? 



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Obviously there is truth to the mesmerizing feeling of bliss experienced by two ‘love birds’ meticulously described by these authors or depicted on several movie screens and even recounted by numerous couples. Yet, imagine how effective and ‘real’ it would be if couples at various stages of their journey can honestly share and receive the whole picture of what ‘Happily Ever After’ really means in their relationships and marriages. Piggyback This is the type of frankness among couples from different backgrounds and cultures that can help bring transparency and ‘realness’ to marital relationships and drop the façade of ‘perfection’ in marital relationships.  What really makes a relationship perfect is the ability to commit to and love each other past differences and faults, resulting in both partners developing into the people they are meant to be.

A wise person once said, “True love stands by each other’s side on good days and stands even closer on bad days”. Wedlock Gist creates a platform that examines life beyond the wedding vows and one that makes the human marital relationships and partnerships more transparent and less mythical from the perspectives of couples around the world. Outdoor Portrait Of Happy Senior Couple Our Vision: “Your Marriage…Our Applause…Let’s Gist!”

Share your ‘Happily Ever After’ and inspire us with your love stories that have stood the test of time. Your lessons learned over the years will definitely serve as a source of strength and encouragement to us all. We would love to hear your Happily Ever After. To share your Wedlock Gist, click here.<—

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