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We believe that everyone has a story when it comes to relationships, especially marital ones. We would love to hear from you and tell us what makes your marriage or relationship special. Use pictures, videos, quotes, honesty, inspiration etc., to make your story resonate with the WedlockGist community. Get comfortable, relax and enjoy the journey of discovering what makes each marriage/relationship. Your experience actually might not be as unique as you think!


Honesty, Integrity, Humor and Collaboration are the Core Values of Wedlockgist. Our goal is create a platform where real couples/individuals (married or not) can share insight, ideas, stories, tips, life moments, information in a lighthearted way that will ultimately serve as a resource that opens the curtains on the ‘ups’, ‘downs’ and everything ‘in between’ of relationships around the world. In essence, making the nuances of human marital relationships and partnerships more transparent and less mythical.   SUBMISSION RULES All images should be at least 600px wide

  •  Memory Lane: To share your story, please use the following questions as a guide and make sure to use pictures to enhance your story. Send your story to (Subject line should read: ‘Our Story’).
  • Guest Bloggers: To contribute insightful content for the any category (check out the topic categories) for WedlockGist, please send to submissions (subject line should read: ’Contributions’ and list the category). Note: If content is not original, remember to give credit to whom credit is due. Posting copyrighted information is not acceptable and against the law.
  • Inspire: We encourage the submission of content that adds value to the WedlockGist readers and that are not inappropriate or derogatory in nature. Please understand that we reserve to right to remove any comments, spam or copyrighted content that do not align with the Core Values of WedlockGist. Feel free to click on the “Report this post” link on any inappropriate posts.
  • Suggestions: We welcome any suggestions that you may feel may improve this platform. Please send all suggestions to (subject line should briefly summarize your suggestion).


Please send all submissions to and clearly indicate the topic category  under ‘Real Families’ and ‘Real Topics’ (e.g. Newlyweds, The Journey, Engaged Couples, LifeGist, HealthGist etc.) in the subject line of your email. Use the following questionnaire to help guide your content!


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