Bring Back Our Girls!

Posted on: May 6, 2014


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We would be remiss to launch WedlockGist without addressing an issue that has been weighing on many of our hearts lately which is the #BringBackOurGirls campaign that is drawing international attention and concern. For more details, click here.

Regardless of your country of origin, we can all agree that it is extremely disturbing and baffling to think about the plight of the precious young girls helplessly abducted by a group of armed extremists that identify themselves as Boko Haram, in the confines of their private boarding school in Chibok which is in Borno State (in the northern part of Nigeria), a place that was supposed to be a safe environment for these young girls while they obtained an education.

This unfortunate calamity hit very close to home for many of us who attended similar private Federal Government Girls’ secondary (high) schools in other parts of Nigeria. Imagine the horror these parents must be experiencing as they helplessly wait for the fate of their young daughters. This could easily have been any one of our daughters, friends, sisters, cousins or loved ones. These grief-stricken families’, whose desire was to give their children the opportunity of a good education that would prepare them for their God-given purpose, have refused to sit back and wait but have bravely poured out into to the streets and on social media, asking for their (our) girls to be brought back home. Friends and family in Nigeria and all around the world have raised their voices to bring awareness to this heinous act perpetrated by these militants in order to put the necessary pressure on the Nigerian government to take action.

Private and public boarding schools like the one in Chibok are sprinkled all around Nigeria and are responsible for educating a vast majority of students across the country.  In my day, what topped our ‘worry list’ in school were things like, learning the art of skillfully dodging  inconsiderate ‘seniors’ who were notorious for sending juniors on random errands during siesta. Other things on that list were as trivial as securing a relatively easy morning chore assignment in order to enjoy ‘stress-free’ mornings for the rest of the school year. Figuring out creative ways to stretch out our monthly allowance dedicated to mouthwatering snacks from the beloved ‘tuck shop’ until the next visit from our sorely missed parents, also held a significant spot at the top of those ‘worry’ lists.

Unfortunately, the new generation of young girls (and boys) in places like Chibok (northern Nigeria) have a scarier ‘worry list’ to contend with, one that involves the preservation of their very own lives and dignity in exchange for an education. These students witnessed and experienced atrocious acts of violence by these armed militants who saw it fit to shoot, burn, abduct and insist on selling defenseless young girls whose only offense was showing up at school for their final exams after already missing a significant portion of the school year due to the instability of the region.  These girls are younger versions of us!
The feeling of helplessness that accompanies the news of this horrific predicament is obviously not unique to the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. The threat against our security and that of our children, sisters and friends has unfortunately become all too familiar, throughout the world. For instance, we were all in shock when we heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut by a disturbed young man that claimed the lives of 20 precious kindergarteners and 7 adults. A similar collective sigh of grief was experienced by us all when we heard about the 91 children gunned down at a Norway youth camp by a deranged terrorist. What can be said of this? Our world is barely recognizable anymore.

Let’s join the rest of the #BringBackOurGirls campaigners and raise awareness, sign petitions, tweet, pray and hope that ‘our girls’ are brought back to the welcoming arms of their families as soon as possible.  What is at stake here is not only the loss, without a trace, of innocent young girls but also the innocence of parents that can no longer take for granted the simple act of sending children to school and expecting them back home safely.

Take a minute to sign the petition that has been circulating for this cause. Thanks in advance for your support!!

Please share your thoughts and spread the word…
Bring Back Our Girls!!



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