7 ways to make your marriage AWESOME! Inspired by #KidPresident

Posted on: May 15, 2014


by Wedlockgist

If you are NOT one of the 32 million + viewers who have seen this inspirational video from #KidPresident, here is your chance! These simple words from the mouth of a child reveal truths that can be applied to not only our lives but also our marriages/relationships.

Here is our WedlockGist spin on and 7 ‘takeaways’ from Kid President’s Pep talk in the clip below.

7 ways to make your marriage AWESOME! Inspired by #KidPresident:

#1: Become TEAM MATES for life: Marriage = Two people on the same team in the game of life, sharing the title of MVP.

#2: Be AWESOME: Give your marriage everything you’ve got and leave everything on the stage.

#3: Be YOU: Reveal the real you in your relationship and don’t pretend; pretense takes too much work!

#4: ENCOURAGE: Be an encourager and your spouse’s best cheerleader. You will be cherished for it.

#5: BELIEVE:  We absolutely become what we believe, so believe the best about each other until it manifests.

#6: DO something: Be brave and do what it is we were born to do. The joy in pursuing our purpose will positively rub off on everyone around us.

#7 (Freebie): DREAM BIG: Dreams do come true, so let’s make ours count! Your marriage will thank you for it.

In the words of #KidPresident, “It’s time to stop being boring, boring is easy”!

Hmm..Out of the mouths of babes….

Enjoy his clips and please share your thoughts!

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Kid President meets the President of the United States:


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  • ronke

    Definitely tips to remember everyday. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.wedlockgist.com/members/admin/ admin

      Absolutely! Thanks for your comments!